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No Money for A Re-Model? "Place Holder" Design is perfect for the in-between times....

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

As you can see above, I have a peach bathroom. Help ME right?! When I purchased this house I wanted to tear down the walls immediately, and then I remembered that it costs a lot of moola to do that. Sound familiar? Because I am thrifty and don't mind digging into the sandpaper and paint world, I had an idea. I deduced that it would behoove me to take off the cupboard doors that coincidentally were hanging on by a thread. It was my goal to spend no real money. Sooooo....I courageously took on the challenge. I had white paint that I had used on my kitchen cupboards, and previously purchased baskets. I also had some older Ikea pulls that I repurposed for the 2 drawers that needed to get some love as well. I started by sanding the drawers and out edges of the vanity. I taped off where needed and started to paint. Here is the truth, this is a placeholder design. So in a place holder design, you USE WHAT YOU HAVE! I have peach tile. Seems awful to me, but I had to work with it. In my opinion white typically works. In all fairness I guess I did buy one thing. The shower curtain was a must, but it was also a must if my teenage son was ever going to take a shower. (which he needs because ummmm... he's a teenager that plays sports...need I say more?)

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